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Poasana is born from the idea of ​​a healthy sound environment as an important component for increased quality of life and general well-being. We offer a healthier sound environment in your own home. With great consideration for aesthetics and sustainability.

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For a healthy sound environment in the children's room.

There is a lot going on in a children's room, laughter is mixed with crying, loud play is interspersed with quiet rest, while perhaps the occasional homework has to be done in between. Our Sound Clouds are a nice interior detail while improving the sound environment in the children's room. The clouds effectively absorb sound and research shows that a good sound environment improves both sleep and the ability to focus.

Create peaceful open spaces.

Open floor plan is something we would like to have in our homes. Large windows, generous surfaces, high ceilings and space to hang out with friends and family. The open floor plan and modern minimalist interior design means that the sound environment is negatively affected as the natural sound absorption is absent. With sound boards from Poasana, you can continue to enjoy an open floor plan while you get a more comfortable and peaceful home to experience the present in.

A nicer and more comfortable home office.

Our products improve the sound environment and filter out disturbing noise. Create the conditions for working from home without it affecting your health negatively. Research shows that a good sound environment improves concentration, provides better sleep and reduces stress levels. And we like that.

Why sound absorbers?

Our Sound boards are A-rated and all contain the unique component Mindwool, which provides the highest possible absorption of unwanted sounds. Colored wool fabric on a beige bottom creates a playful design that can be easily combined in many different ways. Let your imagination run wild or choose one of our ready-made packages, you decide!

Why Poasana?

Research shows that an improved sound environment reduces stress and improves your sleep. Poasana helps you improve the sound health of your own home by offering A-class customizable acoustic products that are incredibly light and easily mounted on the wall with the included nail / adhesive tape. Perfect for the children's room or maybe the home office?

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