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Compost C3
Compost C3
Compost C3
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Compost C3

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Damping surfaces in plant-colored textiles will be when the design company Poasana and the artist duo Auran/Frankenstein launch their second collaboration with works of art in the form of painterly plant-colored sound absorbers. This time the paintings are made with color and patterns created from food waste. Processing garbage into art.

In the design collaboration with Karin Frankenstein and Tomas Auran, the design takes sustainability to another level when works of art are created from processed food waste.

Here, Karin Frankenstein and Tomas Auran describe how the soundboards in the Compost series have been given color and pattern:

  • We begin to make use of the rejected, seemingly useless or forgotten. It is liberating to work with it and to refine, to experiment wildly with chemistry and materials. We never strive for full control, but let the pigments and PH values ​​have their phase when they get to "go on the wild side" and do their magic on their own.
  • Painterly landscapes and abstract formations emerge in the textiles that slowly absorb the pigments. The longer the time to the process, the greater potential, even mold is to be sought, something that is then washed away before the fabrics are assembled. When the art is then allowed to meet function in the form of sound absorbers, an everyday meeting between object and viewer occurs, which is a fun way to make art.

- The dyed textiles enclose the absorbents, which contain residual waste from the furniture industry. The fabric allows sound waves to penetrate effectively eats the sound absorbers absorb loud noises, dampen the noise level and create social sustainability in the room. It will be art for the eyes and ears, says Patricia Möller.

Dimensions: 3 paintings of 55x55cm
Weight: 0.5 kg each
Material: Mindwool
Sound absorption: Class A

common questions

How many absorbents should I buy?

How many sound boards/sound clouds are needed to improve the sound environment in the intended room depends on several factors. Slightly simplified, the size of the room matters, but also whether there are already existing materials that absorb certain sound such as carpets, curtains, bookshelves, etc.

Where and how should I mount the absorbers?

The absorbents are super easy to mount and can be easily attached to any wall with the supplied nail. Create your own expression regarding the choice of color and pattern or take a look at one of our inspiration images. The choice is yours!

What does it mean that your products are A-rated?

In the spring of 2021, we tested our soundboards at the Swedish Research Institute ( The test that was carried out is called " Determination of sound absorption coefficients in a reverberation room according to ISO 354 and ISO 11654". In the test that measures the product's ability to absorb sound, our absorbers received the classification A (Scale AE). This  means that Poasana's absorbers offer the most effective absorption of sound.