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Auran x Frankenstein

- Poasana is a curious innovator who, through this collaboration, continues to explore the field of functional art and design. This new collaboration shows our ambition to also be a style-conscious inspirer for all those who have realized that it is important to decorate for the ear, as well as the eye, says Patricia Möller CEO of Poasana.

In collaboration with Karin Auran Frankenstein and Tomas Auran, we take design to a further level when creating unique works of art GREIJS from recycled wool and KOMPOST paintings created with color and patterns created from food waste. Processing garbage into art.

- We work based on materials and we and Poasana have a common view of wool and the enormous potential of food waste, which makes the collaboration very fun and developing. Something interesting arises when a genuine interest in art is combined with Poasana's knowledge of sound health, says artist Karin Auran Frankenstein.

- Working with materials that do not burden the planet, justifies our work. The functional aspect of the wool becomes fuel for us in the creative process with the soundboards. Organic, geometric, fleshy and strict are words that could represent our artistic expression, says Tomas Auran.

The sound art designed by Auran/Frankenstein is produced in limited numbers.

Limited edition

Compost D3

7.800 kr

Compost B1

7.800 kr

Compost C3

7.800 kr

Compost A1

7.800 kr


32.000 kr


8.700 kr