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Good HiFi is not enough

A really good sound is crucial for the experience when watching movies or listening to music. The quality of your sound system is of course important. But it's not enough. The acoustics in the room must also be right. If the sound waves bounce around between the walls before they reach your ear, the sound will be distorted, and then it doesn't matter how good your HiFi is. To get an optimal movie or music experience, you need sound absorbers. But they should match the decor of your home as well. That's why we spend as much time on the design as the function when we manufacture our sound absorbers. They are simply both efficient and aesthetic. .

This is how you decorate by ear

If the acoustics in the room are poor, there will be many sound reflections. It not only impairs the sound experience, but also overtaxes the brain. With our sound absorbers, the sound will be nicer and the room will look nicer.

1. The sides Start by setting up absorbers on the long sides of the room to eliminate direct reflections from the main speakers. For this you need a mirror and help from another person. Ask the person to move with the mirror in their hands (at ear level based on your sitting position) – from one front speaker back towards the listening position. When you see the speaker in the mirror, you know where the reflection hits the wall. Set up the absorbent there. Then repeat the same procedure on the other side.

2. Behind Another absorbent is needed behind the listening position. In this way, the disturbing reflex from the main speakers is attenuated and the rear speakers are allowed to work undisturbed.

3. Front Finally, you look over the area behind the main speakers and the center speaker. To avoid an unwanted spread of bass and low midrange, one or more absorbers are needed on the wall behind the main speakers.

Important to remember

About 30% of the walls of the listening room should be dampened with sound absorbers. By mounting the sound absorbers with the included mounting hooks, you create an optimal air gap between the absorber and the wall. Remember to set them up at ear level (based on your sitting position in the room).