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“Did you know that Poasana means" Awesome "in Swahili? Or that just Sana is Latin and means both sound and enjoying a healthy mind and spirit? Just something for you to think of when you put your awesome new products from Poasana on the wall and experience your old surroundings in a new enjoyable way! ”

To live sounds and so it should be. Sound is life, wonderful conversations, running feet, laughter, crying, good music but sometimes it can just be too much sound, the sound level gets too high and we get tired, get headaches and find it difficult to sleep or concentrate. Our modern preferences regarding stripped form / design, open floor plan with large windows and hard material choices means that the sound environment deteriorates, The sound we create has nowhere to go, it bounces around and the reverberation makes our brain tired

Today as we spend more and more time in our own modern homes, Poasana wants to improve the perceived sound environment and long-term sound health. Our sound absorbers lower the sound level and remove the highest frequencies that affect us negatively. People, adults and children should be allowed to continue to sound, work or play, take a seat, laugh and cry WITHOUT having to think about how loud it sounds. Do not hold back!