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How many absorbents should I buy?

How many sound boards / sound clouds are needed to improve the sound environment in the intended room depends on several factors. Slightly simplified, the size of the room is important, but also whether there are already existing materials that absorb certain sounds such as carpets, curtains, bookshelves, etc.

We recommend as a basic package to buy 3-4 sound boards or 2-3 sound clouds to achieve good sound absorption in most normal-sized rooms. You can always supplement with more absorbents if the room requires it.

Where and how should I mount the absorbents?

The absorbents are super easy to mount and fasten with the included nails easily on any wall. Create your own expression regarding the choice of color and pattern or look at one of our inspirational images. The choice is yours!

What does it mean that your products are A-rated?

In the spring of 2021, we tested our sound boards at the Swedish Research Institute ( The test that was performed is called " Determination of sound absorption coefficients in a reverberation room according to ISO 354 and ISO 11654". In the test that measures the product's ability to absorb sound, our absorbers received the classification A (Scale A-E). This means that Poasana's absorbents offer the most efficient absorption of sound.

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